Pike National Forest (Pueblo, CO)

Pike National Forest was a location that was both new to me and seemed quite accessible to explore! Upon arrival, I quickly realized the forest is mostly home to fishermen, long-distance hikers, and avid campers. Both tourist’s and recreational hikers didn’t seem to exist around this location.

I set up my easel at the top of a hill overlooking Cheesman Reservoir. Although the location was beautiful, the intense wind made it difficult to paint while remaining at the location. After about two hours of attempting to keep the easel upright while painting, I left with a sketch and photograph of the location to finish the painting later.

Learning experience from this location was definitely adapting to work alongside the elements. The wind was a component of working outdoors that I had not prepped for. Both my cheeky face and the standing easel had a bad time with the intense breeze-blows.

After this experience, I’ll be looking into building/purchasing some anchor-like stakes for the bottom of my easel to better hold up in elements such as this.

The final piece from Pike interprets both the aesthetics and the solitude within the atmosphere of the location and can be found here.
Cheers to more adventure and less windy chapped lips,

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