Paint Mines (Calhan, CO)

My most recent adventure was to the Paint Mines in Calhan, CO. The Paint Mines themselves were significantly smaller than expected. However, this does not at all defer from the awe-striking beauty within this location. Upon arriving at the Paint Mines, it’s easy to lose your breath at all the glorious forms, uniqueness, and (in some places) brilliant color.
I unfortunately did not pack my traveling easel and equipment for this location. However, I set up on a tall rock over-looking the monochromatic formations pictured above. Bringing a sketch-book and a good pen, I did my best to capture the stunning dream-like location with what I had.

This experience itself was pretty effortless, seeing as though I didn’t bring along my standing easel and painting equipment. In retrospect, it would have been a perfect location to set up all my equipment and complete the painting on spot. The location was essentially desolate, not many visitors and tourists, and those that did travel-through mostly kept to themselves/left rather quickly.

The final painting of Paint Mines interprets the location in a deepened surrealistic manner. The rocks themselves display a dream-like flow, this is characterized and emphasized more so in my final piece (which can be viewed here).
Cheers to Dali looking rocks and adventure,

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