Los Angeles, CA

Amidst a sea of fleeting tan faces, RayBan reflections, and high-end denim, I found myself star-struck as soon as I hit the common grounds of LAX.
Los Angeles abounds with inspiration. From the potential of running into fame, to the simple satisfaction of superb Acai bowls, the City of Angels provided me with a flood of new ideas for my work.

On day one, I found myself surf-side on the Santa Monica pier. Facing the clear blue waves and golden bodies outstretched on the equally golden sand, I began painting the vibrancy of the beach.
It was easy to get lost focally with all the color, motion, and clutter of this tourist haven. Nonetheless, I painted to the best of my abilities, capturing the overall loud and exuberant vibe of the Pacific and it’s crash-pad.

On day two, I ventured out, via public transit, to the all the “must- see” locations of Los Angeles. Beginning with downtown L.A., I hurried and paced alongside the hardworking business class, starry eyed tourists, and fresh-to-death locals. What downtown lacked in public restrooms, it made up for with pure pizzazz and personality.
Obviously, taking myself to Hollywood Boulevard was a must.
Here, you’ll find the dreamers, the believers, the do-ers, the darers, and everyone in-between. From busking musicians that take your breath away, to fire breathers, painted faces, and superb street food trucks, Hollywood Boulevard is a tourist’s dream.

Lastly, escaping the rowdy crowds and blinding lights of these urban wonderlands, I found myself toes in sand, skinny jeans engulfed by the Pacific, and the freshest local Cali grapes in hand… beach-side, in Malibu.

Los Angeles blew me away with its diversity of atmosphere. From Santa Monica, to downtown, to Hollywood, to Malibu, and then Studio City… each vibe was unique and each experience surreal.
L.A. truly delivers the entire package of Southern California experience.
From these adventures I created a piece that encompassed the many faces of Los Angeles. In it (from top to between) is featuring my interpretations of Malibu, Hollywood Blvd, and Studio City flowing together in harmonious unison.

I did learn quite a bit about my work as a traveling artist on this trip as well…
For instance,
I learned that my style of work is not easily catered to the busking life.
I.E. sitting with one painting for 4+ hours while expecting to generate revenue from selling the paintings is, well… unproductive.
So, adjusting this, I will be painting with an option to support my work and travels via tips instead of purchasing the current piece on hand… as well as offer an email list for supporters/fans to receive finished works, blog updates, etc.
I look forward to implementing these new stategies and letting you know how it goes!

I’d love to hear feedback about my newest works, this blog, or your personal experiences with Los Angeles!

To support my work and travels, go here!

Thank you all for reading,

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