Red Rocks (Morrison, CO)

My first project while beginning this adventure was in Morrison, CO. The Red Rocks have been a long standing favorite hiking spot of mine since moving to Denver. If you haven’t been, the location offers a plethora of beautiful rolling red rocks and boulders.
After setting up my easel and beginning my work, a handful of hikers and tourists came to discuss their love for the location, stories of past experiences here, and an adoration for sharing this space with fellow artists. The final piece was executed in a way that interprets both the rocks themselves as well as the spirit of the visitors.

Albeit, the location is a mere 45 minutes from my home in Denver, it was an exponential learning experience. Things that I’ve never had to think about within the comfort of my studio, suddenly become proponent problems to solve.
For instance, water.
Traveling with me, I brought one water bottle to use in order to wash my brushes in-between color changes and one bottle so I don’t die of thirst.
The last of the brush bottle was set near me, mid-way through my painting, and the drinking bottle was empty. A hiker and her dog came up to see the work and her dog, like a thirtsy pupper, knocked over the last of the brush water I had remaining… leaving me to finish the work with a dry brush style (that I don’t adore doing).

Discovering these challenges, exploring better ways to travel with supplies,and learning to better work alongside the elements of nature… is something I’m greatly looking forward to with this project!

The final piece from Red Rocks can be viewed here.
Cheers to more adventure,

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