Current Project Plan

Well y’all, it’s nearly October…
That means I’m only about 4 months away from kicking off this project.

It’s time to be real honest here…
I am terrified.
I am terrified of falling short,
of failing entirely,
of dropping out or quitting before I’m finished.
I am pushing past all these nerves, all these hesitations,
to come forth and say,
I am going to try.
I am going to try with all that I’ve got within me

That being said,
It’s uncertain as of now if the project will look like one consecutive trip or traveling as often as possible from Denver.
It will mostly depend on the support, publicicty, and productivity of this project prior to the actual kick-off date.

Being only 4 months away,
I have officially opened the doors to send support.
I will be taking donations in exchange for commissioned artworks.
My GoFundMe has outlined the details of works in exchange for various donations.

I will be traveling to L.A. this upcoming weekend to begin practicing traveling with supplies, painting publicly in a city, navigating a new destination with my art in mind…

It is my earnest hope to inspire others to proactively chase their dreams… against the odds of finances, against the self-doubt, the naysayers, and the nagging fear of failure.

Cheers to continuing anyway,
Emily Camp

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